Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.08.15 AMPlays the title character Roland. A first year, introverted, art student, who got his job at Crafty’s Art and Supply because it let him be somewhat “art community” orientated and it gave him a twenty percent discount on most art supplies in the store. He standardly dresses in all black with the odd shade of dark-grey for colour. He’s sheepish and unsure of himself with a leaning towards youth born angst and self-loathing. The bands he listens to are always obscure and heard of by only him and ten other people, a fact in which he’s quietly proud of. He’s an overall nice guy, which some people tend to take advantage of, especially his fellow employee’s.

CASTING NOTE: Being the title character, this film lived or died on nailing this role. Daniel had come in for a casting I did on a commercial project about eight months before we cast this. As soon as he read for the commercial I turned to my producer and said, “I think that could be Roland.” Eight months later I asked if he’d be willing to come in and read for the part. Although we’d had a lot of talented actors come in for the role, none of them where really right for the part. So when Daniel finally came in I had a lot riding on him. He thankfully nailed it and the production rolled on.