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Plays Tracy, Roland’s coworker. Like Roland she’s also an art school student… well former student. She dropped out after two years because she felt putting grades on art went against what art was all about. So she dropped out as an act of deviance… so she says. She’s a bitter goth girl that’s big on blaming all her problems on everyone but herself. Where Roland is soft and meek in his personality, Tracy is full of attitude and brashness that helps her often get her way and intimidate those around her, like Roland for instance.

CASTING NOTES: I had a very distinct vision of who Tracy was. You see versions of her working in various retail stores everywhere. This “I’m so above all this”, “everyone is an idiot but me”, self absorbed attitude that basically results in them doing nothing all day. Most of the actors that came in for the role played it really “bitchy” and “stuck up”, but Lindsey came in and struck the right balance of a “I just don’t give a crap” and snarky attitude that I had imagined. The only initial hesitation was that Lindsey’s hair was blond when she came in for the audition. Her performance was perfect, but Tracy had to have dark, black hair. Lindsey happily agreed to colour it for the project.