Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.04.54 AMPlays Frank. A disheveled and unkempt man with a very full bladder and little patience. Frank is our antagonist, and the man who is really going to make Roland’s dull shift and whole lot more eventful.

CASTING NOTES: Richard was the last actor to come in after a very long day of casting. At this point I had an actor that had come in earlier that I was contemplating for the Frank role, but I was not entirely convinced yet. Richard shuffled in to the room looking like he’d literally walked in off the street. Hair a mess, clothes all burnt out and tattered. The three of us in the room all looked at each other quickly wondering if this guy was real or not. He just stood there and looked at me saying nothing. I then gave him the same breakdown that I had given everyone before him and he continued to just stand there looking at me and not saying anything. He finally nodded his head. I coughed nervously, turned to the cameraman and said, “I guess let’s try one.” The camera rolled, I called action, and Richard came alive. With a gruff, booming gravel in his voice he read the scene with a simmering intensity that boiled to an explosion at the end that left the rest of us in the room rocked back on our heels. I stammered a couple of notes and had him do it one more time. He did it with even more intimidation, intensity, and nuance then the first time. I said thank you, he nodded politely and shuffled out of the room. The door closed and the three of us just looked at each other gobsmacked. The cameraman finally said, “What was that?” I just shook my head and finally said, “I don’t know, but I think he’s our Frank.”

And one final note… Richard had grown out his hair and beard for the part. We’d casting him three months earlier before the shoot and he just kept growing it and wouldn’t cut or shave anything. Having shot in January he’d had his unkept mane and look right over Christmas holidays, much to his wife’s chagrin. Thanks Richard.